Abigail Washburn

1 - Please tell me there will be a Wu Force LP. 2 - I found Sala (USA version) on YouTube, it appears that at one time it was for sale and now it's not for sale. Any way to purchase that version? 3 - You (and Bela) are musical/artistic inspirations for me. Please keep pushing boundaries and bringing worlds together. Thank you! Kenny in Norwood, Ohio

Abigail Washburn responded on 08/02/2018

Hi Kenny,

1. The Wu-Force is one of my favorite things I ever did in my whole life. But being a new band with 2 moms with new children, we couldn't afford to tour and make merch! But...please enjoy our digital universe.

2. It's unfortunately only on YouTube at this point. Sorry for all the bad news. Thank you for appreciating my more obscure, formative inspirations!

3. Thank you!

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