Abigail Washburn

How do you balance motherhood with your desire to be creative? Do you have advice for fellow artists striving to find balance in their new roles as mothers?

Abigail Washburn responded on 08/02/2018

At different phases of my children's' development, I've had a different capacity to be a channel and feel moved to be creative. Right now I hold my baby when he's waking or getting ready to sleep, and make up little song that I'll sing to him and sometimes record them with my phone. And now that Juno is 5, he's old enough to make up songs with me. Our latest hit around the house is "Buckabang". Sometimes I think about how I long for those moments alone to express myself in ways I used to, but then I am often overwhelmed by the richness of my new reality. And setting dates and events that I need to perform for have been great motivators for me to keep my performing life alive.

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