Abigail Washburn

Dear Abigail, I am a great admirer of you and Béla in part because I love your music and in part because both of you seem to have worked out how to live life doing exactly what you love. I'm wondering: did you face any significant challenges that stood in the way of that, and what gave you the courage, confidence, resilience, grit, or whatever you want to call it to surmount them? What would you say about finding a way to live the life you love to someone who's perhaps not very confident and struggling with hopelessness that it's even possible? I know that there isn't one answer that fits everyone, but I'd love to hear about what might have helped you, or an anecdote, or a story that someone told you, or a realization that you had, or a koan - anything that comes to mind. Thank you so much! And keep it up! Love to you and your family!

- Chenoa

Abigail Washburn responded on 08/02/2018

The older I'm getting, the easier it is to look back and realize that when I made hard decisions to protect the things that I want for myself and believe in, and their connection to my hope for the world, that those hard moments were actually turning points where I may have lost an opportunity in life, but I gained confidence around who I really wanted to be. I think as a result of making those hard decisions and letting go of certain opportunities, I've gained a contentment and confidence, and an awareness that success if a state of being, not a place we're trying to get to.

Your question makes me think you already know what to do, it's just hard to do it. I'm with you in spirit, and so are all the people that ever loved you!

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