Abigail Washburn

Thank you for a beautiful show last night. It was my birthday present. I just started learning banjo. I'm taking clawhammer lessons. Why did you choose clawhammer? I also think the banjo my sweet husband got me is...prettier than it is functional. Any thoughts on a good first banjo? Any thoughts on explaining replacing it to my husband? Thank you!!!

Abigail Washburn responded on 07/18/2018

Hi Jami!

I started playing clawhammer after listening to Doc Watson play clawhammer on a recording. I love the trance-like sound. I also love that the clawhammer banjo is something that is played by a lot of women, and is part of the communal culture of Appalachian old time playing. There are starter models that Deering and Gold Tone make that are fine banjos for getting started. I started with a Deering beginner model. As for you husband, I'm going to phone a friend...

Hi Jami - Noelle here. I'm not married, so am probably not the best person to ask, but I would make a bad pun to shift the focus. "Thanks for the banjo, but let's leave the pickin' to me."

- Abby + Noelle

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