Abigail Washburn

I heard an interview with you and Bela on NPR. You sang a verse about a coal miners wife and coal miners {accapella) it was about how hard they worked and needing to organize. What is the name of the song and have you recorded it. L Perkins Louisville KY

Abigail Washburn responded on 07/31/2018

Come All Ye Coal Miners by Sarah Ogden Gunning. It was recorded on our most most recent album, Echo in the Valley.

Gunning was the wife and fighter of coal miners born in east Kentucky. She experienced a lot of hardships, including a mother and son who died of starvation because they were a family of workers, while the bosses and their families had what they needed or more. So she made her life's work to try and get coal miners and their families to organize so they could demand basic human rights. I perform it because, like with many songs from olden days, they are still relevant and point out patterns of human behavior that we need to think about how to transform into an energy that supports all lives rather than a few.

I believe she's basically saying that humans should treat other humans well.

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